Tips Roulette: 13 numbers trick and others


The most accomplished professional player in the world makes use of the well-known trick with 13 numbers.

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In the game of roulette, the “13 numbers trick” is extremely well-known and is utilised by all of the professional players.

It is not based on mathematical calculations that take into consideration the number that came before it.

In the game of roulette, the ball has the potential to land on any number or colour at any point during the game. It is not possible to determine, based on the results of the previous round, which number or colour will emerge victorious in the upcoming round.

The trick with the 13 numbers is built on top of this rule.


You are required to wager the exact same quantity of chips on each of the numbers that you select.

If you place a bet of 13 chips, you have the chance to win 36 chips.


This strategy has never failed to provide me with a high level of enjoyment when playing either live or automated roulette.

It operates on the principle that the ball has an equal chance of landing on any given point of the wheel regardless of the direction in which it is spun.

In roulette, the ball can actually land on any number or colour, regardless of which number or colour was selected as the winner in the previous round.

In order to use this strategy, select 13 numbers that are spread out along the roulette wheel in an even manner.

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If you want to pick the right numbers in roulette, you should only look at the wheel and not at the table.

Beginning with zero, take a number every three places. Choose a red number sometimes and a black number sometimes.

Take, for instance:














It’s possible that the thirteenth number is either 3 or 35. I prefer 35.

It would be easier to bet on the numbers if you rewrote them in a different order, so I suggest you do that.














You are free to create your series of numbers beginning with a digit other than zero, but you must ensure that you adhere to the established criteria when selecting them.

Which online casino should I play at in order to win this trick?

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What variations of roulette are available to me?

The odds of winning are highest when playing the French version of roulette.

Due to the presence of an additional number, the player has a greater disadvantage when playing American Roulette (00).

A strategy for using software to simulate automated roulette

When playing automated roulette, I have had a lot of success by employing the strategy of betting on 13 numbers. The game that I enjoy playing the most is French Roulette by NetEnt. One of the benefits of doing so is that you won’t need to spend any real money to put this strategy to the test because you can use the free demo version of the roulette game.

Roulette strategy for live games

This strategy was developed while playing on a real roulette table; however, if you are unable to visit a land-based casino, you can play roulette at one of the online casinos recommended by

The live roulette offered by the online casino functions in the same way as the traditional live roulette.

You can have a conversation with the croupier in some live roulette games, and in others, you can watch the ball move more slowly. These are the most advantageous options for playing.

The secret to winning at roulette every time you play

If you are wondering whether or not it is possible to win at roulette every time you play, the answer is yes.

The correct response is no.

There is no foolproof method to win each spin, but it is possible to win some spins and win a really good amount of money if you play the slot machine often enough.

You are still going to come out on the losing end of the deal even if you find a biassed roulette.

At the very end of the game is the only time you should attempt to determine whether or not you have won.

When is the appropriate time to end the game?

Make a decision regarding your spending limit before beginning the game, and keep track of the money you are wagering on each turn.

Stop betting when you reach the limit that you set for yourself.

Using this strategy, you should expect to incur some losses as well as some wins, but you should never lose more money than you had anticipated.

Martingale roulette strategy

The Martingale method of playing roulette is also sometimes referred to as the double up method.

This is perhaps the most well-known strategy for the game of roulette.

Now that we’ve covered the shortcomings of this system, I’ll walk you through an alternative approach to the Martingale system that will increase your chances of coming out on top.

The gap between the amount of money that you need to bet and the amount that you can win is the Martingale strategy’s most significant flaw, and it’s also one of its most appealing features.

In point of fact, for every winning turn, you only receive one chip.

In the game of roulette, how does the Martingale strategy work?

At the roulette table, the Martingale Strategy requires the following three fundamental steps to be played:

Pick the section that deals with betting.

Pick the appropriate betting unit.

If you lose, you are required to wager twice the original betting unit on your next turn.

If you win, you are required to bet the betting unit that will be selected during your next turn.

1. Navigate to the gambling section.

You are only allowed to place wagers in those areas of the roulette table that give you an equal chance of losing and winning (I am excluding the 0 or 00 to simplify things).

These subsections are as follows:

Or in black and red?

Equal or even pair

1-18 or 19-38

If you place a bet of one unit in any of these sections, you have a chance of winning one.

2 Select the type of betting unit.

The number of betting units ought to be as small as is practicable.

At each and every roulette table, there is a minimum and a maximum amount that can be wagered.

On a table where the lowest possible bet is one chip and the highest possible bet is five hundred chips, the betting unit that you should select is one chip.

You will have a maximum of ten turns to play this trick if you do it in this manner.

3 If you lose, you are required to wager twice as much as the betting unit on the following turn.

When you lose a turn, the amount of your bet is automatically increased by one.

Take, for instance:

Section for placing bets: red

The amount wagered is one chip.

If you take a loss, you are required to make a wager of two chips on your next turn.

4 If you win, you must start playing a chip from the beginning.

When you win, you are required to place an additional wager equal to one bet unit on your next turn. It is necessary to do so in order to strengthen your position and prevent a loss.

Example of the classic Martingale strategy used in roulette

The following is an illustration of how to use the Martingale system when playing roulette.

The colour selected is red

One chip constitutes one bet.

TURN BET VALUE The potential winnings from the Section Results Value are as follows:

1 degree One Chip One Chip ROSSO Lose One Chip

2° ROSSO Lose with 2 Chips and 1 Chip for a Total of 3 Chips

3 degrees, four chips, one chip ROSSO loss, seven chips

4° ROSSO Lose 8 Chips, Gain 1 Chip Total: 15 Chips

5 degrees (16 chips), one chip ROSSO loss, for a total of 31 chips

6 degrees, 32 chips, one chip ROSSO loss, 63 chips total.

7 degrees, 64 chips, One Chip Won by ROSSO One Chip

As can be seen, the value that is displayed in the column labelled “Amount that could be won” is consistently one chip. Even if you bet 64 chips on the previous turn, you still end up winning 128 chips, which leaves you with a profit of only 1 chip. This is due to the fact that you have to consider the previous losses that have been incurred.

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The Martingale strategy’s limitations

As was discussed in the prior chapter, the Martingale Trick is subject to the following three limits:

When you have an unlimited supply of money, it is impossible to make a mistake. That is not possible for anyone and everyone.

At roulette tables, you can only place a certain number of bets. For instance, if you decide to play at a table with a minimum bet limit of 1 chip, you’ll typically find that this table also has a maximum bet limit of 500 chips. The Martingale strategy can only be used for a maximum of ten rounds in this scenario.

You might put in an excessive amount of effort for a win that is hardly worth it. In the previous example, we wagered 64 chips in the hopes of winning just one chip.

When using the Martingale strategy, you should bet value.

If you are interested in giving this strategy a shot, the following is the bet value on a roulette table, with a minimum of one chip and a maximum of five hundred chips:


1° 1 chip

2° 2 chips

3° 4 chips

4° 8 chips

5° 16 chips

6° 32 chips

7° 64 chips

8° 128 chips

9° 256 chips

10° 500 chips

To place a bet of 500 chips in order to make a profit of only one chip is, in my view, not a very practical strategy.

Trick with a Double Martingale

A variation of the Martingale strategy is called the double Martingale trick.

The operation is as follows:

Placing bets in only one of these areas at all times:

Or in black and red?

Equal or even pair

1-18 or 19-38

Pick a wagering unit that is low.

If you lose, your bet will be multiplied by four.

If you are successful, you must immediately bet one unit again.

An illustration of how it operates is as follows:

TURN BET VALUE The potential winnings from the Section Results Value are as follows:

1 degree One Chip One Chip ROSSO Lose One Chip

2° ROSSO Lose: 4 chips 3 chips 2° Lose: 4 chips 3 chips

3° ROSSO Lose – 21 Chips After Having 16 Chips and 11 Chips

The final score was 4° 64 chips 43 chips ROSSO WON – 43 chips

In this particular illustration, after four turns of bad luck, we placed a bet of 64 chips and ended up winning 43 chips. A significant contrast to the Martingale classic, in which players could win as little as a single chip.

The disadvantage of using this variation of the Martingale strategy is that rather than being able to do 10 turns at a roulette table with a minimum bet of one chip and a maximum bet of 500 chips, as in the traditional version of the Martingale, this variation only allows you to do 5.

The following is a rundown of the betting values for each of the 5 turns:


1° 1 chip

2° 4 chips

3° 16 chips

4° 64 chips

5° 256 chips

You place a wager of 256 chips during the fifth turn, and if you win, you will receive 171 chips.

If you have a larger budget, you might want to start your betting with two chips rather than one. Therefore, the following will be the betting values:


1° 2 chips

2° 8 chips

3° 32 chips

4° 128 chips

5° 500 chips

In this scenario, even if you lose the four previous turns, you still have a chance to win 300 chips if you bet 500 chips.

Is the double Martingale a more effective betting strategy than the standard Martingale?

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A method supported by science for winning at roulette

There are some mathematical and statistical strategies that can help you win at roulette.

I will explain the two that are the most well-known here.

Studying the wheel’s bias in order to increase your chances of winning at roulette

Joseph Jagger, a player who had previously been successful at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, was the one who came up with this strategy.

Jagger was a businessman who was originally from Yorkshire. He made the observation that the spinning wheel utilised in the textile industry always had some bias that caused the wheel to be out of balance.

If the roulette wheel is not perfectly balanced, it is possible for certain numbers to come up more frequently as winners than others.

Jagger began validating this hypothesis by playing roulette at the Casino de Monte Carlo for a period of one month. During this time, he maintained a consistent routine of playing roulette at the same table, placing bets with a minuscule amount of cash, and meticulously noting the winning numbers. After this period of time, he was aware of which numbers had a higher frequency of winning at that roulette table, and for a few days, he began putting a significant amount of money only on those numbers.

During this time period, he was awarded 2 million Swiss francs, which is approximately 7.50 million British pounds in today’s currency.

The casino was unable to keep up with Jagger’s winnings, so the bank was broken by his haul. Jagger had won more cash than the casino had on hand.

determining the winning numbers by calculating the relative speeds of the wheel and the ball

In the 1970s, a group of students known as the Eudaemons was successful at the roulette table at the Santa Cruz Casino, winning $10,000.

They devised a system for winning at roulette by first analysing the physical behaviour of the wheel and the ball before applying their findings.

The Eudaemons developed a mathematical model and measured the speed of the wheel and the ball in order to make their predictions about the winning numbers.

The process of determining the winning numbers was very difficult and time-consuming due to the complexity of the game. They did this by developing the world’s first wearable microcomputer.

The calculator was hidden inside a shoe and connected to a covert micro camera so that it could determine the rate at which the roulette wheel was spinning. A vibrotactile output system was concealed under the person’s shirt, and the winning numbers were transmitted to it.

A year earlier, in 2004, three players at the Ritz Casino in London used a similar strategy to win one million pounds.

A laser scanner was utilised by the group in order to determine the speed of the roulette wheel, and a mobile phone was utilised in order to determine the winning number.

The employees of the casino caught them off guard while they were performing this trick. They were taken into custody and interrogated, but the judge found them not guilty of the charges. As a result, they were able to collect their prize money.